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Brief description of STL

The Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, National Technical University of Athens was established in 1975.

The objective of the laboratory includes research on engineering materials, as well as study of their fabrication parameters' that influence the performance of structures. This is achieved through education and research activities, as well as through specialized engineering services and technical consulting to industry and to shipping companies.

The laboratory's research interests are focused on the following topics:

  • Welding Science and Technology

  • Materials Science and Technology, Thermal Treatments and their applications in Marine and Mechanical Engineering Structures

  • Composite Materials and their applications in Marine Structures

  • Hybrid metal-to-composite adhesive joints

  • Structural Analysis and Design of Marine Structures

  • Corrosion and Protection of Metallic Materials

  • Non-destructive Testing of Materials

  • Failure Analysis of Marine and Mechanical Engineering Components


Each academic year, 15 Laboratory Exercises are conducted by the Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory and are addressed to undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, as well as to other faculties.

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