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More than 50 students have completed their master theses in STL since 1999​

List of master theses since 2011

(Note that most of them are written in Greek



  1. Γαλώνη Μυρτώ, “Μελέτη ευαισθητοποίησης ελασμάτων κράματος αλουμινίου της σειράς 5xxx από δομικά τμήματα ταχύπλοου πλοίου του Πολεμικού Ναυτικού” (in Greek) (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) dspace



  1. Gkomoza Paraskevi, “Comparative study of structure and properties of thermal spray coatings using conventional and nanostructured hydroxyapatite powder, for applications in medical implants” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) dspace



  1. Liveretos Ioannis, “Study of steel sections replacement with steel / FRP hybrid sections” (Supervisor: N.G. Tsouvalis)

  2. Boutsali Vasiliki, “Study of microstructure and corrosion behavior of AH36 FSW welds and HSLA S690 ARC weld” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) dspace

  3. Tsoutsani Rachil, “Polarization curves modelling concerning the corrosion behavior of naval steels and experimental validation” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) dspace

  4. Tsoulakos Nikolaos, “Study of the materials used in offshore constructions“ (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace

  5. Christopoulou Georgia, “Corrosion types and protection methods in offshore structures” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis)




  1. Panagopoulos Nikolaos, “Experimental study of fatigue behavior of cracked aluminum plates reinforced with composite material pads” (Supervisor: N.G. Tsouvalis) (in Greek) dspace

  2. Kalara Anastasia, “Application of cathodic protection methods on an offshore drilling platform” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace

  3. Nasioulas Emmanouil, “Dissimilar friction stir welding between magnesium and aluminum alloys” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) dspace




  1. Kalteremidou Kalliopi-Artemi, “Experimental investigation of composite-to-steel adhesive joints with laser treated surfaces” (Supervisor: N.G. Tsouvalis) (in Greek) dspace

  2. Pandi Paraskevi, “Study of corrosion behavior of DH36 steel welds” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace





  1. Papantoniou Ioannis, “Optimization and production of aluminum composites on aluminum alloy 5083 matrix by Friction Stir Processing (FSP)”  (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis)  (in Greek) dspace

  2. Alexandratos Spyridon, “Optimization and production of aluminum composites on aluminum alloy 7075-O matrix by Friction Stir Processing (FSP)” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace

  3. Kalogeropoulos Dionisis, “Ultrasonic testing of aluminum alloy 5083-I111 friction stir welds” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace




  1. Diamantopoulos Panayiotis, “Study of the production of micro- and nano- Al2O3 / aluminum matrix composite materials with friction stir processing” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace

  2. Antonakaki Baia, “Characterization of Advanced Structures manufactured by Friction Stir Processing (FSP)” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace

  3. Karali Sofia, “Metallographic and tribological study of TiO2 coatings produced by air plasma spray and in situ reaction with substrate of austenitic stainless steel 316” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace

  4. Karagiannis Konstantinos, “Estimation of repair cost for typical defects of specific types of ships' metal structure” (Supervisor: N.G. Tsouvalis) (in Greek) dspace

  5. Koventarou Eleni, “Strength's numerical analysis for reinforcing patches' adhesive bond of composite materials” (Supervisor: N.G. Tsouvalis) (in Greek) dspace

  6. Kotsidis Ilias, “Use of fiber optic sensors for measuring deformations in composite materials and links with adhesives” (Supervisor: N.G. Tsouvalis) (in Greek) dspace



  1. Sarafoglou Panagiota, “Study of Friction Stir Processing (FSP) for the production of surface alloying” (Supervisor: D.I. Pantelis) (in Greek) dspace


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