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Nicholas G. Tsouvalis

Nikos 8.jpg

Professor, Director of the Laboratory

Οffice: Building "Γ", 2nd floor, No Γ.206

Tel: +30 21 0772 1413



  • Diploma in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NTUA, 1986)

  • PhD Naval Arch. & Mar. Eng. (NTUA, 1993)


His recent research fields of interest are the following:

  • Mechanical behaviour and testing of composite materials, with focus on the effects of marine environment

  • Structural design and numerical modelling of marine structures using advanced materials

  • Structural design of composite underwater vehicles

  • Development of cost-effective advanced fabrication methods for building composite materials vessels

  • Numerical and experimental study of stress concentrations in composite sandwich structures

  • Effect of material and geometry imperfections on the strength of composite materials

  • Structural analysis and design of composite materials filament wound pressure vessels

  • Numerical and experimental investigation of the effect of delamination on the buckling and bending strength of composite materials

  • Numerical and experimental study of composite-to-composite or metal-to-composite adhesive joints

  • Composite patch repair and reinforcement of steel structures

  • Numerical and experimental structural study of installing composite parts in metallic ship hulls

Konstantinos N. Anyfantis

KAnyf 1_2.jpg

Assistant Professor

Office: Building "Γ", 2nd floor, No Γ.204

Tel: +30 21 0772 1325


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics (UoP, 2007)

  • PhD in Naval Arch. & Mar. Eng. (NTUA, 2012)


His recent research fields of interest are the following:

  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of Ship Hulls

  • Data-driven and model-based SHM methods

  • Structural analysis and design of ship structures

  • Ship ultimate strength

  • Buckling of plates and stiffened panels

  • Surrogate modeling through Design of Experiments methods

  • Design optimization (global, RSM, etc)

  • Non-linear finite element methods in ship design

  • Repair techniques of corroded or cracked platings

Anna D. Zervaki

anna_zervaki 2.jpg

Assistant Professor

Office: Building "Γ", 2nd floor, No Γ.207

Tel: +30 21 0772 3691


  • Diploma in Metallurgical & Mining Engineering (NTUA, 1989)

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering (UTH, 2004)


Her recent research fields of interest are the following:​

  • Welding science and technology with emphasis in weld sensing, control and automation.

  • FSW  of light alloys (similar and dissimilar joining)

  • Laser & Electron Beam Welding of light alloys

  • Wire Arc AM (WAAM)

  • Phase transformations in weldments, microstructure-property relationships

  • Application of computational alloy thermodynamics and kinetics in simulation of heat treatments and welding processes

  • Phase field simulations of welding and casting processes

  • Mechanical Behavior of metallic materials and welded structures

  • Corrosion behavior of metallic materials with emphasis  in marine environment

  • Failure mechanisms of mechanical components and structures  exposed in industrial environments.

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